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ProMelt Ultra™ is a high performance de-icing liquid made from a refined corn carbohydrate derivative blended with magnesium chloride. It is a versatile anti-icing, de-icing and pre-wetting agent that delivers unparalleled performance in colder environments.

Features and Benefits

ProMelt Ultra™ de-icer significantly improves the eutectic point and phase change properties of MgCl2. Promelt Ultra inhibited has the extremely low eutectic point of approximately -65o C.

Product Application

ProMelt Ultra™ is specifically designed for anti-icing, direct application de-icing, frost prevention and prewetting of solids. Specific application guidelines are:

For more information on Denchem MCB-29 - Winter Liquid Deicer, please contact us or view this PDF. (Acrobat Reader Required).